Humanized Bear Vector Mascot Illustrations

Need a fun and easy-going vector mascot that will completely engage your audience? Get this humanized bear vector mascot, dressed in cool casual outfit and illustrated in over a hundred different conceptual poses.

Completely vector based. Made in Adobe Illustrator CC, editable and scalable in vector editing software of your choice. Feel free to change all colors you need in order to match them with your project theme. You can add/remove elements to create new poses, too.

With his casual clothing of jeans, sneakers, and a hoodie, this vector bear looks like your best buddy. In this set, he will surprise you with 112 premade vector-based concepts of emotions, hand gestures, marketing concepts, fun activities, backgrounds, and more.

This humanized bear vector mascot can be happy, sad, worried, excited, lost, bored, etc. He will point in directions, wave for hello and goodbye, give thumbs up, make the heart sign with hands, and more.

But this friendly bear in clothes vector mascot will surprise you with so many activities and marketing concepts. You will see this vector bear fishing, eating honey, posing by a wooden board sign, and even looking for beehives.

Among the diversity of marketing objects in this set, you will find a loudspeaker, a phone, a light bulb, a trophy, a magnifying glass, big arrows representing different trends, a cup of coffee, sunglasses, mobile devices of all kinds – laptops, tablets, smartphones, flags, question marks, and a lot more.

We’ve included a diversity of backgrounds, too, in order to help you make even more eye-catchy designs. Plus, poses with empty papers, stones and wooden boards where you can put your custom content for this vector bear to present.

All in all, this friendly urban bear vector mascot is here to make friends with your audience faster than you can imagine. With his lovable looks and easy-going personage, he can help you make an appealing design with no effort at all.

All 112 premade poses of this humanized vector mascot, are conveniently prepared in fully editable and vector-based AI, EPS, PDF file formats.

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