African-American boy super hero cartoon character

African American Boy Super Hero Cartoon Character

Unleash the superhero within your projects as a spirited little boy takes center stage, captivating viewers and leaving them craving for more – meet Roy Thunderboy! This is an adorable African American boy super hero cartoon character who comes with 112 different concepts and emotions to save your audience from boredom.

• Emotions and hand gestures: Prepare for a rollercoaster of emotions as Roy Thunderboy captivates your audience with his incredible range of expressions. You will see this African American boy super hero cartoon character being sad, worried, happy, confused, and a lot more. He will give thumbs up, point in directions, and perform a lot more hand gestures, too.

• Conceptual poses: Get ready for an extraordinary adventure with Roy Thunderboy! He will blow bubbles, play with a superhero balloon, play in a bathtub pretending to be a captain, enjoy candies, and a lot more kid activities.

In addition, this African American superhero cartoon character will interact with a wide range of conceptual objects from the marketing kit, including a signpost pointing to new possibilities, a curious question mark, a magnifying glass for exploring ideas, a telescope to discover new horizons, a bright light bulb of inspiration, and a lot more.

• Presentational poses: This adorable superhero cartoon boy will hold for you whiteboards, empty papers, and mobile devices with empty screens, providing you with the perfect canvas for your custom content.

The adorable African American super hero boy Roy Thunderboy can turn every boring design into an incredible adventure that your audience will remember for long!

Grab this cartoon character in 112 concepts and emotions, available for download as 112 PNG images on transparent backgrounds or 112 editable vector images.

Available in 12 animated GIF images, as well as a puppet template for Adobe Character Animator.

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    112 Action Poses

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