Support Policy

About Our Support Policy

Our Support Policy outlines what support offers to its clients. If you are not sure if our Support Policy covers all aspects of your interaction with our website or if you have any questions about our Support Policy, please, contact us from here. Our Support Policy is not set in stone and changes and updates are introduced every now and then. If you wish to be up to date with its latest version, you should be checking this page every once in a while. Responsibilities’s support team will do its best to solve any technical problems our clients may have using our website and purchasing our products. We also keep records on all tickets submitted through our support system, the time it took to resolve the issue and the final outcome.

Customer Responsibilities

We rely on our clients to report on time any problems they come across interacting with our website and using our products.

Definitions of Support

Our Support Policy covers the following areas:

  • Your interaction with – browsing its content, purchasing its products, downloading its products, etc.
  • Product Help – we provide a general guide on how you could use our products and with what software.
  • License Information – guide on the different levels of rights you may get for the products you purchase from

Product Support Channels

The only channel we answer Technical Support related queries through is our Support System. We do not provide Technical Support via email, telephone or any social media channels. To be able to answer your query and solve your problem, our Technical Support team will need you to Submit a ticket. All correspondence stays confidential. We and you are the only parties to have access to it. Other sources you may find answers to your questions on are specialised forums on graphic/web design software. As we do not moderate any such forums, we do not guarantee the accuracy of the information they provide and you will be on the safe side if you confirm their advice/solution with an independent third party.

What Our Support Services Doesn’t Cover

  • any technical problems that you may have with the graphic design software programs you work with.
  • any problems that you may have with your personal computer or any other digital device you use to browse our website, download our products and use them in your design work.
  • any problems that you may have during the checkout process, when the problem lies with your financial services provider (bank, credit card issuer, paypal, etc).
  • any network problems that you may have while accessing our website, its content and products.

General Information

Our Technical Support Team works Monday to Friday and does its best to answer to all incoming queries within 24 hours. However, the response time mainly depends on their workload at the time the problem is registered and the complexity of the issue