Brown bear cartoon character

Brown Bear Cartoon Character

His name is Rug and he loves to hug! But not only. This fluffy brown bear cartoon character is full of surprises and he’ll prove it with 112 awesome emotional, presentational, sales, and marketing poses

One moment you will see this buddy full of energy, ready to conquer the world only equipped with essentials that he carries in his backpack. The next moment you will see him resting on his favorite pillow to take a well-deserved nap. Want to see what else he can surprise you with?

• Emotions and hand gestures: Rug Bearhug can be a happy, sad, worried, or even angry brown bear character. He is illustrated to perform all kinds of emotions that will come in handy in numerous situations to use. In addition, you will see him pointing in directions, waving, and making other popular gestures with his fluffy bear hands.

• Sales and marketing poses: To gain attention and boost your online sales, this buddy will pose in all kinds of sales and marketing concepts. You will see him showing money, looking through a magnifier, holding a stopwatch to convey urgency, and more.

• Special poses: But Rug is a bear, after all, and his favorite place of all is the forest! You will see this brown bear cartoon character holding a beehive to get honey, going fishing, camping, chopping wood, and a lot more.

• Presentational poses: Rug will provide plenty of space for your written and visual content, as well. You will see him depicted in a diversity of presentational poses – holding empty stones, wooden whiteboards, and pieces of paper, all perfect to place your logo, text, or anything else you wish.

• Backgrounds: In addition, Rug comes in a dozen pre-made poses with backgrounds that are capable of making every presentation, website, and banner even more eye-catching!

This adorable, fluffy, and smart cartoon brown bear is available for download in 112 attractive poses in vector file format or 112 transparent PNG clipart images. 

In addition, you can get him in 12 dynamic brown bear GIF images, and as a fully rigged brown bear puppet for Adobe Character Animator.

Available Bundles Based on This Concept:

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    112 Action Poses

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    112 Action Poses

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    Basic Puppet

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    12 GIF Images