Ghost cartoon character

Ghost Cartoon Character

Meet the coolest ghost in town, the one who adds fun and excitement to every party – Spook Ghostling! This fun-loving ghost cartoon character is here to bring your projects to life (the irony) with 112 awesome poses and emotions.

This super cute ghost cartoon character loves to DJ and entertain people but don’t be fooled by his adorable appearance. He’s still a ghost at heart and would love to scare people out of pumpkins occasionally. Let’s take a look at what you’ll get:

• Emotions and hand gestures: Spook Ghostling may be a ghost, but he can still express a wide range of emotions. From sadness to happiness, from confusion to anger, he’ll perform them all. He’ll even make funny faces, point in different directions, and make human gestures with his hands to appeal to your human audience with ease.

• Conceptual poses: This ghost cartoon character may love to party, but he knows marketing and business, too. You’ll see him holding briefcases, making calls, and using arrows to indicate trends. He’ll even help you visualize goals by showing you a target board, and present strategies by solving a puzzle.

In addition, you will really see this cartoon ghost coming out of a pumpkin, posing by a grave, and doing other ghostly things.

• Presentational poses: Spook Ghostling is not only a fun-loving ghost, but he’s also great at presenting your custom content. He’ll hold whiteboards, empty papers, and mobile devices with empty screens, all ready for you to add your information – logo, text, etc.

If you’re looking for a cute and approachable character to surprise your audience, then Spook Ghostling is the perfect ghost cartoon character for you.

All 112 poses are available for download as 112 ghost PNG images on transparent backgrounds or 112 editable ghost vector images.

In addition, you can get Spook in 12 animated ghost GIF images or as a puppet for Adobe Character Animator.

Available Bundles Based on This Concept:

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    112 Action Poses

  • Icon Vectors

    Vector Cartoon Characters


    112 Action Poses

  • Icon Puppets

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    Basic Puppet

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    12 GIF Images