Polar bear wearing clothes cartoon character

Polar Bear Wearing Clothes Cartoon Character

Need a credible character that also radiates fun vibes? Meet Professor Furtown – the smartest polar bear on the North Pole! He is not only funny and clever but he is also depicted in 112 incredibly useful poses. You will find dozens of emotional poses, sales and marketing concepts, presentational poses, and more.

It’s just as natural to see this cartoon polar bear wearing clothes working at his laptop and hurrying around with his business briefcase, as enjoying a jar of honey and building an igloo for an office. Here is a breakdown of what this polar bear wearing clothes cartoon character will surprise you with:

● Emotions and hand gestures: Professor Furtown can express a variety of emotions. He can be happy, sad, worried, or even angry at times. He will perform all kinds of hand gestures for you to use in numerous situations: pointing in directions, waving, making the stop gesture with palms, giving thumbs up, and more.

● Sales and marketing poses: To make sure you are covered for every marketing concept, this office bear cartoon character will announce sales and discounts, work at laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices, and interact with conceptual objects like cash, a magnifier, a stopwatch, a calculator, books, a light bulb, a question mark, and more.

● Special poses: But let’s not forget Professor Furtown is a polar bear. Although he won’t take his office clothes off, you will see him skiing, going fishing, building an igloo, and even wearing a scarf when it’s really cold outside.

● Presentational poses: This cartoon polar bear wearing clothes will make sure you have room for special written and visual content. You will see him holding empty stones and pieces of paper where you can easily place your logo, text, or other custom content.

● Backgrounds: To make the deal even sweeter, Professor Furtown comes with a dozen pre-made poses on backgrounds – great to add color and more visual interest to your designs and presentations!

Professor Furtown can be the trusted employee you are looking for or the smartest pal in the neighborhood. Either way, he is ready to engage your audience with incredible charisma and 112 all-purpose poses.

This polar bear wearing clothes is available for download in 112 vector poses or 112 transparent PNG clipart images.

Even more, you can get him in 12 dynamic polar bear GIF images, and a fully rigged polar bear puppet for Adobe Character Animator.



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