Supervillain cartoon character

Supervillain Cartoon Character

Be careful not to breathe too deeply around Gas Ashburn, the villainous soldier who wears a gas mask and wields deadly weapons. This supervillain cartoon character may look menacing with his collection of guns and missiles, but don’t be fooled – Gas has a softer side too, and he’ll prove it with 112 conceptual and emotional poses.

In fact, this cartoon character is full of emotions, ranging from love to sadness and everything in between. You’ll see him interact with a variety of objects, from shopping bags to cash, a magnifying glass, a light bulb, a megaphone, and even mobile devices.

● Conceptual poses: Gas Ashburn’s poses reflect his villainous nature, with images of him releasing toxic gas and riding on missiles. But he’s not all about destruction – you’ll also see him engaging in marketing concepts, such as holding a sign with a sale announcement or using a megaphone to promote his latest scheme.

● Emotions and hand gestures: Gas’s emotions are also on full display, with poses that show him looking angry, confused, worried, and even bored. He may be a villain, but he’s also a complex character with a range of feelings and motivations.

● Presentational poses: Gas Ashburn is not just about destruction and chaos – he’s also a savvy marketer who knows how to promote his villainous plans… or your very special custom content. With his presentational poses, you’ll see him holding up signs, whiteboards, and mobile devices with empty screens, all to help you get your message across.

So if you’re looking to add some edge to your designs, Gas Ashburn is the character for you. With his mix of destructive poses and emotional range, this supervillain cartoon character will surely make an impact and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Available for download as 112 PNG images with transparent backgrounds or 112 editable vector images, Gas Ashburn comes with a variety of poses to suit your needs.

Also available as a supervillain puppet for Adobe Character Animator and a set of 12 animated supervillain GIF images.

Whether you’re looking for a menacing villain or a complex character with a softer side, Gas Ashburn is the perfect choice for your next project.

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