Villain with mask cartoon character

Villain With Mask Cartoon Character

Step back and watch out for Onyx Bloodstone, the cartoon villain with a mask, a dark soul, and a taste for destruction. With his mask, cape, and hoodie, he’s ready to wreak havoc and take on anyone who stands in his way. But don’t let his intimidating looks fool you – this dark villain also knows martial arts and can teach you to fight with sticks.

With Onyx Bloodstone, you’ll get 112 poses, some of which are kind of too villainy. You will see him posing with flying bats around him, holding a skull, and prompting you to sign a contract with the devil. But that’s not all – Onyx Bloodstone also has a soft side, with emotional poses that show him expressing a wide range of feelings, from anger to sadness to fear.

● Villain poses: Onyx Bloodstone is not just a fighter, he’s also an expert in using all kinds of weapons. From guns to swords to chains, he’s ready to take on any opponent. Watch out for his fighting skills, too. With his martial arts poses, he’s ready to take on anyone who crosses his path.

● Emotional poses: Onyx Bloodstone may be a villain, but he’s also a complex character with a range of emotions. With his emotional poses, you’ll see him looking angry, sad, fearful, and even vulnerable.

● Conceptual poses: This villain with a mask cartoon character is not just about destruction – he’s also interested in the world around him. You’ll see him interacting with all kinds of conceptual marketing poses: a magnifying glass, a stopwatch, a phone, a laptop, a megaphone, a telescope, a puzzle, a target board, and so on.

● Presentational poses: Onyx knows how to captivate an audience and get them to pay attention, whether it’s through intimidation or charm. You will see him holding empty signs, whiteboards, and screens ready to highlight your custom content.

So if you’re looking for a villain with an edge, Onyx Bloodstone is the character for you. With his mix of destructive poses and emotional range, this villain will make an impact and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Available for download as 112 Villain PNG images on transparent backgrounds that are ready for use right away or 112 Villain vector images that are completely editable and scalable without quality loss.

Also available in a set of 12 animated Villain GIF images and a Villain with a mask puppet template for Adobe Character Animator.

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