Animated Cat Thief GIF

Get a sly and cunning cat thief that will steal the show with 12 dynamic GIF images! Great for all kinds of presentations and digital designs.

This cat thief may be up to no good, but he sure knows how to interact with popular conceptual objects that will make your designs and presentations stand out. He will use a laptop, point at a target board, hold a big arrow, and more.

In addition, you will see this cat burglar waving, pointing in directions, appearing from the side, and giving thumbs up.

Our cat thief is ready to add some mischief to your digital designs, ads, and presentations! Suitable for use in all digital mediums that support the GIF file format.

The downloadable archive includes all 12 GIF images in two size variants: the original high-resolution size of about 1200px and an optimized size of 480px for each GIF image.

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12 Animated GIFs

  • Cat thief pointing up animated gif