Ant Adobe Character Animator Puppet Template

Add some buzz to your next video or live stream with this friendly and adventurous ant puppet template for Adobe Character Animator. This fully-rigged puppet is ready to bring your project to life with a variety of pre-made features and triggers.

Prepared as a ready-to-use Puppet file format and editable in Adobe Illustrator, as you wish.

With this ant puppet template, you can easily control its movements and expressions using a variety of features, including:

● Expression Tracking
By using your cam, the ant puppet detects and follows your eyes, brows, and mouth.

● Lipsyncing
By using your mic, this ant puppet will follow your voice and recreate talking.

● Gestures Control
Use the mouse to manage the arm movements of the ant, and your cam – to control the head movements.

● Facial Expressions
Use your cam and premade triggers to make this friendly ant puppet express emotions – surprise, happiness, anger, or sadness.

● Hand Triggers
By using basic hand triggers, the puppet can point, give a thumb up, and wave.

Bring some fun to your video content with this ant puppet template. This versatile template is ideal for a wide range of projects, including live streams, educational videos, and more.

Getting started is easy – all you need is Adobe Character Animator and some basic knowledge of the software. Once you’ve downloaded the ant puppet template, you’ll have access to a fully loaded Puppet file format, pre-made with all the features and triggers described above.

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