Baby Dinosaur Vector Mascot Illustrations

Ever dreamed of such an adorable baby vector mascot? Well, this baby dinosaur with a bib is ready to join all your baby and toddler visual projects with 112 super cute vector-based poses. Completely editable and scalable without any quality loss.

This lovely baby dinosaur vector mascot can be sad and crying, happy and pleased, ever sleepy. Besides expressing emotions, she will wave hello and goodbye and make various hand gestures.

In fact, this baby girl dinosaur can easily be turned into a boy if you change her pink accessories to blue, or opt for another color. You can change the color of the whole dinosaur, if you wish. All you need is to use your preferred vector editing app.

Inside this cute baby dinosaur vector collection, you will find plenty of baby activities and concepts. You will see poses of the vector baby dinosaur enjoying his bottle of milk, taking a nap on a pillow, celebrating his birthday with a cake, having a fever, having a bath, being measured on the scales and the meter, and a lot more baby activities.

Plus, you can easily add your custom content for this vector baby dinosaur to present. Just use the poses of her holding empty stones, wooden boards, and even mobile devices with empty screens. All great to be filled with content of your choice.

Need an extraordinary vector mascot for your next baby and toddler web or print design? This charming baby dinosaur is ready to assist you with 112 adorable baby poses, all vector based and ready to edit according to your need

The download archive includes the source Ai files, as well as editable and scalable EPS and PDF files.

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