Big Foot Vector Mascot Illustrations

How about getting a thrilling and super fun vector mascot at the same time? This big and hairy Big Foot vector mascot comes in 112 awesome poses to get you covered with fun concepts and appealing emotions.

Made in Adobe Illustrator CC, completely editable and scalable without any quality loss, in vector editing software of your choice. Feel free to make changes according to your project requirements.

Among all premade poses in this set, you will see Big Foot expressing all kinds of emotions. He can be happy, sad, worried, even bored. He will wave, point in directions, give thumbs up,say Hello, Goodbye, and even Sorry.

Moreover, you will find dozens of conceptual poses to help you announce sales, illustrate different concepts like speaking on a megaphone, standing at a crossroad, solving a puzzle, sending emails, taking notes, working remotely, and more.

Plus, you will find several funny activities where the Big Foot vector mascot encounters a person or takes a bath with his funny shower cap on.

The diversity of presentational poses (whiteboards, paper sheets, mobile devices) will all allow you to place your custom content. You also have a dozen attractive backgrounds to utilize in your designs.

To sum up, this Big Foot vector mascot is ready to revolutionize your next big visual project big time!

Available in 112 awesome concepts and emotions, all prepared in convenient AI, EPS, and PDF file formats.

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Packed in a Rich Set of 112 Big Foot Vector Action Poses

Big Foot Vector Mascot Illustration Complete Set

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Preview Of Big Foot Vector Mascot Illustration In Different Colors

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Preview Of Big Foot Vector Mascot Illustration On Different Mediums

Unfold Your Creativity and Make Your Own Poses

Preview Of Big Foot Vector Mascot Illustration Diy Custom Poses