Bullet Vector Mascot

A bullet vector mascot armed with a package of 112 poses and a bulletproof plan to make your next project and presentation super successful! This vector bullet is created in Adobe Illustrator CC and editable in graphic software of your choice.

Within the collection of 112 poses, you will find the full spectrum of emotions. The vector bullet can express sadness, happiness, indifference. He can be surprised, hesitant, and even really mad.

Within the collection, you will find this bullet mascot interact with versatile objects, all carefully selected to help you depict your concepts. You will see this bullet holding mobile devices and blank papers, all allowing you to place your content by using your preferred graphic software.

He is also depicted holding a stopwatch, cash, shopping bags, a laptop, a target, etc. You will even see this vector bullet flying towards his goal!

Undoubtedly, this bullet mascot has the energy and positive vibes to appeal to your audience in no time. Choose him for your next project and success will come faster than a speeding bullet!

The download archive provides you with 112 poses in the following vector file formats: source Ai files, editable and scalable Eps and Pdf files.

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