Cactus Vector Mascot

A friendly cactus vector mascot, prepared as a set of 112 poses: activities, emotions, and presentational tools, all fully editable in graphic software of your choice.

Within the collection of poses, we’ve included many useful concepts and emotions you would need to convey through your projects. For example, this vector cactus can show sadness, anger, happiness, and even disinterest if needed.

He can handle many useful objects like holding signs with arrows, the stop sign, and a question mark. He can talk on the phone or a loudspeaker, announce promotions and sales, and more. He will hold for you objects to be filled with content, such as blank papers, clipboards, mobile device screens, whiteboards and more.

This lovable vector cactus comes from a hot land far away in order to make your project appealing. Grab him and see how your audience will like him in no time!

This cactus vector mascot is created in Adobe Illustrator CC. The download archive contains the following vector file formats: source Ai files, editable Eps and Pdf files.

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