Cat Painter Vector Mascot Illustrations

Grab an artistic cat vector mascot who is ready to add some creative flair to your upcoming digital and print designs! This talented cat painter vector mascot is prepared in a diversity of 112 conceptual, emotional, and presentational poses.

Created using Adobe Illustrator CC, every pose in this vector set is completely customizable to meet your project needs. You can easily adjust the colors, shapes, and poses of this artistic cat vector mascot accordion to your project requirements.

In our collection, you’ll find Rumble holding a paintbrush or ink pen, painting on a canvas, and showing off a newly finished piece. When he’s feeling particularly happy, he’ll be enjoying his favorite glass of wine and wearing his artist’s beret.

In addition, you’ve got plenty of universal poses that express emotions and popular marketing concepts. You will see this vector cat painter being happy, sad, excited, sleepy, angry, and even confused. You will find poses where this vector cat artist is working on a laptop, reading a book, holding a cup of coffee, and interacting with plenty of universal symbols and signs.

You have the freedom to make this cat painter vector collection truly your own! Simply add your own text, logo, or visuals to the poses where the cat painter vector mascot holds blank whiteboards and pieces of paper.

Moreover, there are 12 different background shapes that can be effortlessly applied to any pose by using your vector-editing software.

With Rumble’s special poses featuring his artistic pursuits, you can make your designs truly one-of-a-kind.

The download file includes all poses in AI, EPS, and PDF vector file formats, along with a symbol library that allows you to create even more poses.

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A Diversity of 112 Cat Painter Vector Action Poses for All Purposes

Cat painter vector complete set