Dragon Warrior Vector Mascot Illustrations

Make room for a fantastic beast-looking fella that will pave your way to success! This dragon warrior vector mascot may look scary at first but he has it all to attract viewers in a positive way. Prepared in 112 diverse poses of concepts and emotions – all illustrated in a fun, appealing, and engaging style. This dragon warrior vector collection is about to create a blast!

Illustrated in Adobe Illustrator CC. Completely editable and scalable without any quality loss, in graphic design software of your choice. Feel free to change colors or make other desired editing according to your project requirements.

In this dragon warrior vector collection, you will see a lot of emotional poses and hand gestures. This vector dragon warrior can be happy, sad, angry, loving, or confused. He will point in directions and make hand gestures to appeal to your audience.

You will also find this vector dragon depicted in conceptual poses like holding a sword and a shield, a treasure chest, talking on the phone, holding big arrows to indicate trends, looking through a telescope, speaking through a megaphone, holding tablets, laptops, and more objects from the marketing kit.

To help you present your custom content, this vector dragon warrior will hold empty sheets of paper, mobile devices, and empty boards. Moreover, the diversity of backgrounds at the end will help you craft a super impressive design!

This dragon warrior vector mascot will help you stand out with uniqueness, and bravery, and will bring fantasy along with fun vibes to your next big visual project!

You’ve got 112 different concepts to help you depict all your ideas and help you achieve your goals. All 112 poses come in convenient vector AI, EPS, and PDF file formats.

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