Fish Clipart PNG Transparent Images

Looking for a fish clipart that will surely make a splash? Grab a captain clipart set with 112 awesome poses of concepts, emotions, and activities. All made as high-resolution PNG images (1024px height) on transparent backgrounds.

Inside this set, you will find the full spectrum of emotions. This fish captain is quite expressive, so you will see him being happy, sad, worried, and even angry. He will wave Hello and Goodbye, and make all other kinds of gestures with his fins.

In addition, you will find sailor poses and all-purpose marketing poses, so you can effortlessly convey any concept you want. This captain fish clipart will interact with symbols and signs, hold whiteboards, talk on the phone, work at a laptop, and a lot more. 

With his trusty captain’s hat and love of adventure, this fish clipart collection is the perfect choice for all your ocean-themed projects. Whether you’re creating educational content, designing children’s books, or just looking to add a bit of fun to your next project, this lovable fish captain has got you covered with 112 different PNG images to use on any occasion.

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Grab 112 All-Purpose Fish Clipart Action Poses