Animated Full Moon GIF

Want to add a little bit of a mystical vibe but still keep your videos fun and entertaining? This awesome full moon with a guiding stars is at your service! Prepared in a collection of 12 ready-to-use GIF images, this animated full moon will get you covered with dynamic, animated concepts for every situations.

Animation can definitely catch the attention faster and more effectively. For this full moon buddy, this is not an effort at all! You will see him waving pointing in directions, popping from the side and then disappearing again, giving thumbs up and more.

Sometimes, he may get sad. But mostly, he will be full of joy and optimism. You will also see this animated full moon interacting with conceptual objects like a laptop, a target, a stopwatch, an arrow, a light bulb to convey all kinds of ideas.

This full moon is ready to engage your audience with 12 dynamic images, suitable for all web designs and presentations that support the GIF file format.

Prepared in two convenient size variants: the original high-resolution size of about 1200px and an optimized size of 480px for each GIF image.

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12 Animated GIFs

High-quality vector cartoon characters prepared in rich sets of different poses and concepts. Easily customizable, editable and adaptable.