Funny Bear Vector Mascot Illustrations

This funny bear vector mascot may try to “log” into your next big visual design! Okay, trying to crack a good joke here with the bear being a lumberjack, cutting logs… But hey, if you didn’t enjoy this joke, maybe you will enjoy the diversity of 112 awesome poses in this set.

All crafted in Adobe Illustrator CC, completely editable and scalable without any quality loss, in your preferred vector editing software. You can change colors, edit accessories, and even more.

Inside this funny bear vector collection, you will find plenty of fun concepts in the mountains: vector bear going hiking, funny bear with a campfire, bear going fishing, a funny lumberjack bear carrying an axe, and plenty of more.

Plus, this vector funny bear will interact with numerous symbols and everyday objects to help you convey all kinds of marketing concepts: sale boxes, a cart of sale products, a hammer and wood planks, a question mark, a phone, headphones, and a lot more.

You also have a diversity of emotions and hand gestures, great to use on many occasions. This funny vector bear lumberjack will be happy, sad, worried, bored. He will wave, point in directions, give thumbs up and make the stop sign with palms.

Plus, you get a huge diversity of presentational poses. You will see this bear holding empty paper sheets, wooden boards, empty stones, and even plenty of mobile devices with screens turned towards your audience. All great to be filled with your very own custom content. All you need is your vector editing app to edit.

Plus, a dozen cool colorful backgrounds, specially created to help you jazz up your designs, and applicable on many occasions.

If you really need a memorable vector mascot to bring the spirit of the mountain life into your next big visual project, then this funny bear vector collection of 112 awesome poses might be your best discovery!

All 112 poses of this set are prepared in handy vector file formats: AI, EPS, and PDF.

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