Gecko character animator puppet template

Gecko Adobe Character Animator Puppet Template

Get a fun and energetic business gecko puppet – the perfect way to add a touch of personality and pizzazz to your next presentation or webinar! With his lively movements, expressive face, and engaging personality, this cold-skinned buddy will surely keep your audience entertained and engaged from start to finish.

This gecko Adobe Character Animator puppet comes fully rigged with pre-made features and triggers. Ready to download as a Puppet file format. Here is what you get:

● Expression Tracking
By using your camera, the puppet can detect and follow your eyes, brows, and mouth movements to create more lifelike animations.

● Lipsyncing
The puppet also follows your voice and recreates your talking, making it perfect for lip syncing.

● Gestures Control
You can use your mouse to manage the puppet’s arm movements and your camera to control its head movements, making it easy to create engaging animations.

● Facial Expressions
The puppet comes with pre-made triggers to make it express different emotions, from surprise to sadness, and everything in between.

● Hand Triggers
With basic hand triggers, you can make the puppet wave, point, and even give a thumbs up.

This charismatic gecko puppet is the perfect tool to add humor, wit, and charm to your next big video animation project!

In the download archive, you’ll find the Puppet file format fully rigged with the features and triggers described above.

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