Grumpy cat cartoon character

Grumpy Cat Cartoon Character

Meet Mr. Grumble – the grumpy cat cartoon character who is always ready to express his moody attitude! With his grumpy face, office attire, and 112 exciting poses Mr. Grumble is ready to add some humor and personality to your digital designs, ads, and presentations.

● Emotions and gestures: Mr. Grumble can express a variety of emotions, from annoyance and frustration to indifference and boredom. Of course, he can express excitement and happiness, and even anger but only when you need him. He will wave Hello and Goodbye, and even hold a “Sorry” sign to apologize.

● Special poses: This cartoon cat office worker can also add some attitude with poses such as holding a balloon with a smiley face or eating ice-cream while looking unimpressed. This cartoon grumpy cat will also hold an umbrella under the rain, have a butterfly on his face, and drink a bottle of milk to treat himself.

● Marketing concepts: But Mr. Grumble is not just a grumpy cat, he’s also a marketing genius! This cartoon cat office worker will interact with various conceptual objects such as a laptop, a phone, a question mark, a light bulb, a target board, a pie chart, and more to help you convey your message.

● Presentational poses: This grumpy cat cartoon can serve as your ideal spokesperson and present your content with sophistication and class. You’ll find plenty of poses with empty space for your custom text, logos, or other visuals – whiteboards, papers, etc.

● Backgrounds: In addition, you have 12 different poses with vibrant and eye-catching backgrounds to enhance your designs and make them stand out from the crowd.

This cartoon cat office worker is sure to bring some humor and personality to your designs. Download Mr. Grumble today in vector file format, transparent PNG clipart images, or as dynamic GIF images and fully rigged puppet for Adobe Character Animator!

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