Grumpy Cat Vector Mascot Illustrations

Tired of boring, bland mascots? Well, this grumpy cat vector mascot may look super bored but he is definitely up for entertainment with 112 customizable poses that will help you add personality and attitude to your project!

Designed using Adobe Illustrator CC, every pose in this vector set is completely customizable in vector-based software of your choice, allowing you to adjust the colors, shapes, and poses according to your needs. 

This lovable grumpy cat vector collection includes plenty of emotions and concepts. You will see him holding a variety of objects, including a cup of coffee, a laptop and other mobile devices, and even signs with your custom message!

In addition to his iconic grumpy look, this moody vector cat can express a range of emotions, from happy and excited to bored and tired. He will point in directions, give thumbs up, and interact with a variety of symbols and signs to convey your message effectively.

With plenty of presentational poses featuring blank space for your custom text or visuals, this vector grumpy cat can be the perfect spokesperson for your brand or message. And with 12 different background shapes to choose from, along with a rich symbol library, you can make your designs truly stand out.

This fella may look grumpy and pessimistic but is actually very lovable once you get to know him!

By downloading this set, you receive all 112 poses in AI, EPS, and PDF vector file formats, along with a symbol library that allows you to create even more poses in your preferred vector software. 

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A Diversity of 112 Grumpy Cat Vector Action Poses for All Purposes

Grumpy cat vector complete set