Half Moon Vector Mascot

The half moon vector mascot of your dreams! Enjoy a collection of 112 conceptual poses and emotions of this friendly half moon with a sleeping hat and a lantern, crafted in Adobe Illustrator CC. Each pose within this set is completely editable in vector software of your choice.

Within the pack, you will find the appealing half moon mascot expressing the full spectrum of emotions. Sometimes he will be full of joy and happiness, enjoying his leisure time on the clouds up there. Other times this vector half moon will be really sleepy and covering his mouth with his hands. Moreover, you will see poses of him being sad, excited, surprised and many more.

When it comes to hand gestures, this adorable half moon can use his hands to point in directions, show the love sign, give thumbs up, and more.

Within the collection of 112 full moon poses, you will find a diversity of conceptual objects, as well. You will see him hold shopping bags, sale boxes, big signs and arrows, hold a telescope, wave a star map, and a lot more.

We’ve included many presentational poses that allow you to easily add your content in graphic editing software. Such poses are the vector half moon holding mobile devices with black screens, papers of different sizes, as well as him pointing at empty whiteboards.

If you need a dream partner for your next big visual project related to sleeping, then this half moon vector mascot with a cute sleeping hat is a great choice to consider.

All 112 poses are included in the download package in the following file formats: source AI, as well as editable EPS and PDF vector files.

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