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Love is in the air! Enjoy a collection of 112 heart clipart PNG images including lots of emotional expressions and conceptual poses. All prepared on transparent backgrounds, so you can place them on your digital projects right away.

This heart clipart is depicted expressing all kinds of emotions. He will show numerous gestures, as well. You will find images of sad heart, heart showing love, angry heart and even shocked heart. You will see this lovable guy point in various directions, wave hello and goodbye, and even yawn.

We’ve made sure to depict this guy in numerous thematic and conceptual poses, as well. He will hold a bouquet of flowers for you, announce St. Valentine promotions, hold shopping bags, hold a loudspeaker to raise the attention and many more.

Moreover, you will find presentational poses of him pointing at whiteboards, as well as holding various mobile devices and papers of different sizes.

If you need a visual aid for your love related project, this heart clipart is a perfect choice with his 112 ready-to-use PNG images on transparent background. Each prepared in high resolution of 1024px of height.

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