Humanized Horse Vector Mascot Illustrations

Make your project stand out with a handsome and respectful figure! Get a humanized horse vector mascot with 112 premade vector-based poses, all set to get you covered for every situation.

Crafted in Adobe Illustrator CC, completely editable and scalable without any quality loss, in vector editing software of your choice. Feel free to change colors or make new poses by using the gallery of elements.

Inside this humanized horse vector collection, you will find a plethora of emotional poses and hand gestures like waving, and pointing in directions. This vector horse dressed in casual clothes will express happiness, sadness, frustration, boredom, and even more emotions.

But let us begin with the numerous marketing concepts you’ll find in this set. This vector horse in clothes will interact with plenty of objects from the business world and everyday life, all great to represent powerful marketing metaphors. To name a few, such objects are a target board, a puzzle, a question mark, a light bulb, a calculator, a cup of coffee, and more.

Just to jazz things up, you will see thematic poses where this vector horse wears horse-training equipment and even a huge golden horseshoe as a trophy.

If you want to put your contact details or other custom content within the poses, you are welcome to use all empty whiteboards, paper sheets, and mobile device screens, all kindly presented by this vector horse.

You also have a diversity of colorful backgrounds to help you catch the attention with ease.

This attractive humanized horse vector mascot is all you need if you aim for the big success! With his handsome looks, respectful figure, and strong conceptual poses, this vector horse will help you win your audience’s attention in no time!

All 112 poses included in this set come in convenient AI, EPS, and PDF file formats.

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