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If you want to recreate the vibe of the street life right in your next presentation, then we have a pretty exciting suggestion for you. Get a hi-res PNG collection of a cool urban humanized unicorn clipart, dressed in an urban outfit, ready to use on all kinds of digital projects and presentations, without any editing.

Inside this urban unicorn clipart collection of 112 PNG images, you will see this guy expressing emotions, performing hand gestures, participating in plenty of business activities and everyday activities on the street.

For example, you will see this cool humanized unicorn clipart holding a skate board and enjoying music on his boombox. You will see him showing some magic when celebrating his birthday with a yummy cake.

But most importantly, this urban unicorn clipart will surprise you with plenty of marketing concepts to use every time you need. You will see humanized unicorn PNG images with a trophy, sale boxes, discount bags, headphones, cash, a loudspeaker, and more.

He will hold mobile devices with empty screens, empty paper sheets, and point at whiteboards, all providing you with space for your custom content.

This cool street unicorn won’t leave your audience indifferent. He will convey all popular emotions and hand gestures. He will be happy, sad, anxious, bored. He will point in directions and wave.

To help you jazz up your design even more, you’ve got a dozen poses on colorful backgrounds, all carefully selected to help you catch the attention super effectively.

If you need a casual buddy to make your project fun and easy going, then this cool street humanized unicorn is all available with 112 awesome concepts and emotions.

Prepared in high-resolution PNG images on transparent background, with a 1024px height for each.

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