Little girl superhero character animator puppet template

Little Girl Superhero Adobe Character Animator Puppet Template

Unleash the power of imagination with a little girl superhero puppet template that’s always up for thrilling adventures! This fully rigged puppet comes with a range of premade features and triggers, allowing you to bring her to life in Adobe Character Animator.

Prepared in a Puppet file format and editable in Adobe Illustrator CC. Let’s dive into what this incredible puppet has in store for you:

● Expression Tracking
By using your cam, the little girl superhero puppet detects and follows your eyes, brows, and mouth.

● Lipsyncing
By using your mic, this puppet follows your voice and recreates talking.

● Gestures Control
Use the mouse to manage the arm movements of the little girl superhero puppet, and your cam – for the head movements.

● Facial Expressions
Use your cam and premade triggers to make this puppet surprised, happy, angry, or sad.

● Hand Triggers
By using basic hand triggers, the puppet can point, give a thumb up, and wave.

Embrace your inner content superhero and soar to new heights with this fully equipped little girl superhero puppet. Simply download the Puppet file format, import it into Adobe Character Animator, and let your creativity take flight. Basic knowledge of the software is all you need to unleash the full potential of this captivating puppet.

By downloading, you receive the little girl superhero Puppet file format, including all features and triggers described above.

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