Rocket Vector Mascot

Enjoy a collection of rocket vector mascot prepared in 112 diverse poses, among which you will find powerful visual concepts, such as emotions, activities, and presentational tools.

This vector rocket is crafted in Adobe Illustrator CC which makes all his poses completely editable and scalable without any quality loss. Moreover, this rocket mascot is compatible with most popular graphic software, so if needed, you can make all necessary changes to his appearance.

Let’s give you a better idea of what this rocket vector mascot can do for you. He can express the full spectrum of emotions. You will see this rocket be angry, happy, afraid, hesitant and a lot more. In addition, he will use his hands to give thumbs up, wave, point in directions, and show plenty of other hand gestures.

We’ve made sure to illustrate this rocket mascot interacting with a variety of business tools like a laptop, headphones, popular signs, a pie chart, cash, shopping bags, big arrows and more. You will also find poses of him enjoying his favorite cup of coffee and having fun flying around space just like a real rocket would!

This vector rocket will hold presentational tools for you, as well. We’ve made sure to provide you with objects like differently sized papers, mobile devices, as well as whiteboards where you can place your important content.

If you want to boost your project to the sky and beyond, then this vector rocket with all his 112 poses is a great mascot to help you along the way.

In the download archive, you will find handy vector file formats: AI, EPS, and PDF.

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