Spaceship Vector Mascot

A charming spaceship vector mascot collection that comes in 112 emotional, presentational, and action poses to visualize all your innovative ideas in a powerful way!

All poses included in this spaceship vector collection are crafted in Adobe Illustrator CC which makes them fully editable and scalable without any quality loss. This means you can change colors, add and remove elements, and make other editing.

In the collection, you will find numerous facial expressions and hand gestures. This vector spaceship can be happy or sad, excited or mad. He will wave your audience hello and goodbye, point in directions, and a lot more.

Among the poses, you will find plenty of conceptual objects. You will see this spaceship performing activities from the business world, such as working at a desk, taking business calls. Moreover, we’ve included objects like shopping bags, sale boxes, cash, a loudspeaker, a puzzle, big arrows and signs, etc.

To help you highlight your content, this vector spaceship will hold mobile devices and papers, as well as point at whiteboards. All providing you with space to place your important visual information.

This vector spaceship surely has it all to skyrocket your project to success! With all his 112 poses, he will become the helpful guide you’ve been looking for to join your presentations and visual projects.

In the download archive, you will find handy and popular file formats: source Ai files, EPS & PDF files, compatible with any graphic software.

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