Vector Star Mascot

A friendly star vector mascot, prepared as a set of 112 diverse poses, including activities, emotions, and presentational tools.

This vector star is created in Adobe Illustrator CC and all his poses are completely editable in your preferred graphic software. This means you can make all desired changes to his appearance, such as change colors if needed, remove or add elements.

You will see this charming vector star express the full spectrum of emotions. He can be angry, happy, afraid, disinterested, and a lot more. He will use his hands to show numerous hand gestures, as well – give thumbs up, wave, point in directions, all to help you nail the attention of your audience.

Moreover, this star mascot is depicted in a working environment holding a variety of business tools like a pie chart, cash, sale boxes, big arrows. You will also find poses of him enjoying his time on a cloud up in the sky and shine in all his glory!

In this package, we’ve included presentational tools that he holds – blank paper in different sizes, mobile device screens and whiteboards. All perfect to place your specific content.

If you want your project to shine out with good looks and professionalism, then this vector star with all his 112 poses is at your service to help you achieve your goals.

For your convenience, we’ve provided handy vector file formats: source Ai files, editable Eps and Pdf files. All editable and scalable without any quality loss.

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