Whale Vector Mascot Illustrations

Grab an adventurous captain whale vector mascot that’s ready to take you on a journey you’ll never forget, with 112 different emotional and conceptual poses. 

Crafted in Adobe Illustrator CC. Fully editable and scalable without quality loss. Perfect for all kinds of print and digital design.

Inside this whale vector collection, you will find plenty of emotions and gestures that will help you express different moods and convey powerful concepts. For example, you will see this vector whale being happy, sad, worried, confused, angry, and so on. He will point in directions, wave, give thumbs up, make funny faces, and a lot more.

You will find captain-themed concepts, as well. You will see this captain whale vector mascot with an anchor, a ship’s wheel, a life belt, a telescope, etc. 

In addition, you’ve got an abundance of marketing poses where the vector whale holds sale bags, money, mobile devices, a puzzle, a question mark, and more.

You can also place your custom content within the poses, too. This whale vector mascot will also hold whiteboards and empty signs where to place your logo, text, etc.

With his rugged captain’s hat and salty demeanor, this charming captain whale will lead you through the open seas and straight into the heart of your next project.

You can download the full whale vector collection as editable AI, EPS, and PDF vector files. The archive also includes a symbol library, so you can easily experiment and create new poses, too.

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A Diversity of 112 Whale Vector Action Poses for All Purposes

Whale clipart vector complete set