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Yeti Abominable Snowman Clipart PNG Transparent Images

It’s about to get chilly! Just kidding, this awesome Yeti here is the warmest monster you’ve seen and he comes in a Yeti clipart collection of 112 hi-res PNG images on transparent background. Ready to use on all kinds of digital projects and presentations, without any editing.

This Yeti PNG collection includes all kinds of fun activities and concepts, perfect to complement all winter-related designs and presentations.

You will see this Yeti clipart expressing happiness, sadness, worry, anxiety, and other emotions. He will give thumbs up for approval, wave Hello, Goodbye, point in directions, and even say Sorry.

Among all Yeti PNG images here, you will find concepts of funny winter activities like the Yeti skiing, building a snowman, taking a hot bath tub and even eating ice-cream.

Moreover, this Yeti will interact with universal objects, symbols and signs to help you visualize concepts: sale boxes, cash, a megaphone, a puzzle, a crossroad sign, a light bulb, and a lot more.

Plus, this lovely Yeti will hold empty sheets of paper, whiteboards, and even mobile devices with empty screens – all great to be filled with your custom content.

You will also receive a dozen eye-catching poses on backgrounds to jazz up your designs even more.

This big white mystical guy may be considered a monster but he really is a sweetheart once you get to know him! With all his 112 appealing poses, he is ready to find his place in your audience’s heart.

The download archive includes 112 PNG images on transparent background (different poses – emotions and activities) in sizes of 1024px height for each pose.

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