Animated Polar Bear Playing Hockey GIF

Get a confident and athletic polar bear playing hockey in 12 dynamic GIF images that will help you convey all-purpose marketing concepts and ideas!

For sure, this polar hockey player knows how to impress with some moves! In this GIF collection, you will find universal GIF activities like waving, pointing, and giving thumbs up. All great to use on plenty of occasions and whenever you need to raise attention.

Plus, this buddy will interact with several popular conceptual objects to help you convey even more ideas. He will use a laptop, point at a target, hold an arrow, get an idea, and track the time with a stopwatch.

This polar bear hockey player has the personality and charisma to charm your audience right away and he’s ready to do it with 12 animated GIF poses, perfect for all digital designs and mediums that support the GIF file format.

Within the downloadable archive, you will find all 12 GIF images in two size variants: the original high-resolution size of about 1200px and an optimized size of 480px for each GIF image.

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12 Animated GIFs