Polar bear playing hockey cartoon character

Cartoon Polar Bear Playing Hockey Chatacter

Meet Rocky McHockey, the star hockey player who’s ready to score some goals and win over your audience with his impressive skills and charming personality. This talented cartoon polar bear is dressed in his hockey gear and comes in a collection of 112 emotional, marketing, and presentational poses that are sure to catch your audience’s attention.

● Emotions and hand gestures: Rockey can express a variety of emotions on the ice – he can be happy after a win, sad after a loss, worried when the game is on the line, or even angry at the opposing team. He’ll perform all kinds of hand gestures for you to use in numerous situations, like pointing to the net, waving to the fans, making the stop gesture with his paws, giving thumbs up after a good play, and more.

● Sales and marketing poses: In addition to his hockey skills, Rockey also knows how to market himself. He’ll announce sales and discounts on hockey equipment or simply anything, work on his laptop, and interact with conceptual objects like a light bulb, a question mark, a stopwatch, and more.

● Special poses: But let’s not forget hockey is his passion. You will see this polar bear holding a hockey stick when preparing for a good game, and then holding a jar of honey to treat himself after a deserved win.

● Presentational poses: This cartoon polar bear playing hockey is always ready to help you present your content in a unique way. You’ll see him holding empty stones and whiteboards where you can put your logo, text, or other desired content.

● Backgrounds: To make your designs even more appealing, this cartoon polar bear hockey player will provide you with a dozen pre-made poses on backgrounds – a perfect way to add visual interest to your digital creations.

With 112 all-purpose poses, Rockey is the perfect addition to any hockey-themed project. He’s available for download in 112 vector poses or 112 transparent PNG clipart images.

You can also get him in 12 dynamic hockey polar bear GIF images, and a fully rigged hockey player puppet for Adobe Character Animator.

So what are you waiting for? Download Rockey McHockey today and bring some polar bear power to your hockey projects!

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    112 Action Poses

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