Tooth character animator puppet template

Tooth Adobe Character Animator Puppet Template

Ready to add some dazzling dental fun to your next video or live-streaming project? Get your hands on this lovable and playful tooth puppet template for Adobe Character Animator, packed with pre-made features and triggers that will have your viewers grinning from ear to ear.

Suitable for all kinds of dental-related animation projects, this tooth Character Animator puppet is ready to download as a Puppet file format.

● Expression Tracking
By using your cam, the tooth puppet detects and follows your eyes, brows, and mouth.

● Lipsyncing
By using your mic, this Adobe puppet follows your voice and recreates talking.

● Gestures Control
Use the mouse to manage the arm movements of the tooth character, and your cam – for the head movements.

● Facial Expressions
Use your cam and premade triggers to make this tooth puppet happy, sad, worried, confused, or even angry.

● Hand Triggers
By using basic hand triggers, the puppet can point, give a thumbs up, and wave hello or goodbye.

If you want to add some personality and fun to your next dental-themed video project or livestream, then this tooth puppet template will gladly take on the job!

By downloading this tooth character puppet template, you receive the Puppet file format, fully rigged with pre-made features and triggers described above.

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