Tooth cartoon character

Cartoon Tooth Character

Introducing the star of the dental world: Enamel Glimmertooth! The charming tooth cartoon character with a dazzling smile who is always prepared to promote dental health and hygiene. Enamel Glimmertooth comes equipped with 112 different poses of activities, marketing concepts, themed concepts, and presentational styles that will help you convey your message in the most creative way possible.

• Emotions and hand gestures: Enamel Glimmertooth is no stranger to emotions. This cartoon tooth can express the full spectrum of emotions, making it easier to connect with your audience. You will see this cartoon tooth being happy, sad, worried, confused, angry, etc. He will wave your audience hello and goodbye, point in directions, give thumbs up, and a lot more.

• Conceptual poses: This tooth cartoon character with braces will certainly provide you with dental health and teeth hygiene-themed concepts. You will see him posing with toothpaste, showing a dental x-ray, holding a toothbrush, a calendar to remind you of your next dentist appointment, and even asking for help when he has a cavity on his glossy smooth surface.

But this buddy is ready to help you announce promotions and depict universal concepts, as well. You will see him holding objects like a light bulb, a pie chart, big arrows, a question mark, a target board, and more.

• Presentational poses: Enamel Glimmertooth will gladly help you present your custom content, as well. Look for the poses where this cartoon tooth with braces holds whiteboards, empty papers, and even mobile devices with empty screens – easy to be filled with your logo, text, etc.

If you need a character smiling with a healthy set of teeth, then this charming tooth cartoon character may be the perfect addition to your dental health-related projects and presentations! Whether he’s promoting dental hygiene or just posing with a laptop, he’s always ready to take center stage.

Download the full Enamel Glimmertooth cartoon character set as 112 PNG images on transparent backgrounds or editable vector images. You can also grab this cartoon tooth character as 12 animated GIF images and a puppet template for Adobe Character Animator.

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