Worm Vector Mascot Illustrations

Get ready for rainy days and rain-inspired fun designс! This cute worm vector collection comes packed with 112 different poses of a vector worm wearing his stylish raincoat and showing off his unique personality. With his charming smile and quirky gestures, this buddy surely knows how to appeal!

All emotional, conceptual, marketing, and presentational poses included in this set are carefully crafted in Adobe Illustrator CC. Fully editable and scalable without quality loss! Feel free to change colors or make any other editing to any pose.

What to expect from this rain worm vector collection? First of all, this vector worm can help you express the full array of emotions. You will see him being happy, sad, worried, angry, confused, etc. He will pose by the Stop sign, a Thumbs up symbol, and more. He will say Hello, Sorry, and Bye, as well.

This charming and a little bit funny worm vector mascot will interact with plenty of objects to convey different marketing concepts. You will see him posing with universal conceptual objects like the Email symbol, mobile devices, cash, sale bags, etc., as well as themed poses for a worm – holding an umbrella, coming out of an apple, depicting a concept for a bookworm.

In addition, you’ve got plenty of presentational poses where to add your specific content – logo, text, or anything else, and a dozen of backgrounds. All editable in a vector-editing software of your choice.

With his 112 cute worm vector concepts, this little fella is ready to become the big favorite of your audience!

By downloading this set, you receive all pre-made poses in AI, EPS, and PDF vector file formats, as well as a library of symbols to make even more poses if you wish.

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A Diversity of 112 Worm Vector Action Poses for All Purposes

Worm vector complete set