Worm cartoon character

Cartoon Worm Character

Meet Rainold Wormer – the charming worm cartoon character who is always prepared for rainy days! Rainold Wormer comes equipped with his trusty raincoat and 112 different poses of activities, marketing concepts, themed concepts, and presentational styles:

• Emotions: Rainold can express a variety of emotions. You will see this cartoon worm being happy, sad, worried, confused, angry, etc. Even though he doesn’t have hands, he will greet your audience with hello and goodbye, apologize when necessary, and pose by signs, question marks, and exclamation marks to convey emotions.

• Conceptual poses: This worm cartoon character will surprise you with an array of marketing concepts. Besides helping you announce promotions and depict universal concepts, he comes with several themed concepts, as well. You will see this cartoon worm holding an umbrella, coming out of an apple, coming out of a book (a bookworm analogy), and even coming out of the ground.

• Presentational poses: Rainold is ready to help you present your custom content in the most attractive way. He will pose by whiteboards, empty papers, and even mobile devices with empty screens that can easily be filled with your logo, text, etc.

Ready to add a touch of rain-soaked whimsy to your next visual project with a lovable cartoon worm character?

Download the full Rainold Wormer cartoon character set as 112 PNG images on transparent backgrounds or editable vector images. You can also grab this cartoon worm character as 12 animated GIF images and a puppet template for Adobe Character Animator.

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