Burger Adobe Character Animator Puppet Template

Burger Adobe Character Animator Puppet Template

Who can ever say No to an appetizing burger with a juicy patty and tasty grilled buns? After seeing your next video project with this juicy burger in it, your audience would wish this fella here was real!

This mouth-watering burger puppet template for Adobe Character Animator is ready to join your next videos and streams with a set of awesome features and triggers. He will wave, give thumbs up, and point. He will express emotions and lipsync your words, as you speak on the mic and cam.

Suitable for a wide range of projects, this well-done burger puppet can be downloaded as a convenient Puppet file format and put into use straight after downloading.

● Expression Tracking
By using your cam, the burger puppet detects and follows your eyes, brows, and mouth.

● Lipsyncing
By using your mic, this burger Adobe puppet template follows your voice and recreates talking.

● Gestures Control
Use the mouse to manage the arm movements of the burger, and your cam – for the head movements.

● Facial Expressions
Use your cam and triggers to make the burger puppet surprised, happy, angry, or sad.

● Hand Triggers
By using basic hand triggers, the puppet can point, give a thumb up, and wave.

Want to tease your audience’s appetite? This tasty-looking burger can definitely make your audience drooling!

By downloading this burger puppet template, you receive the Puppet file format, all set with pre-made features and triggers described above. All you need is Adobe Character Animator and basic knowledge of the software.

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