Vector Burger Mascot

A big juicy burger vector mascot prepared in a diversity of 112 poses of powerful concepts, emotions and presentational tools.

This vector burger is created in Adobe Illustrator CC and all his poses are completely editable in your preferred graphic software. This allows you to make all the editing you want. For example, you can change the colors of the bun or the fillings, or even remove ingredients if needed.

Within the collection of poses, you will find that this vector burger can express all the emotions from A to Z: happiness, sadness, anger, anxiety, surprise, boredom, and more.

Moreover, this delicious buddy will make all popular hand gestures to help you impress your audience. He will wave hello and goodbye, point in directions and a lot more.

Of course, this collection of vector burger can’t go without doing his favorite activities. You will see him cooking patties on the BBQ, pouring himself with sauce, and enjoying a burger himself.

We’ve also included plenty of conceptual objects in this set. You will find symbols and signs, everyday objects and gadgets from the business world. To name a few, this burger vector mascot will hold sale boxes for you, cash, a recipe book, take orders on the phone, and a lot more.

You’ll find dozens of presentational poses, too. This burger vector mascot will hold mobile devices with screens facing the audience, blank papers and whiteboards. All to be filled with your content in vector editing software.

Bottom line, this irresistible burger is the perfect vector mascot that will make your audience crazy about your ideas and whet their appetite for more!

The download archive contains all 112 poses in the following vector file formats: AI, EPS, PDF. Completely editable and scalable.

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