Cat Smoking Cigarette Clipart PNG Transparent Images

Grab a mischievous cat smoking a cigarette clipart collection for your next design project and blow your audience away! This collection contains 112 high-resolution transparent PNG images of a cat smoking cigarette, performing all kinds of handy concepts and activities.

All 112 poses are prepared as high-resolution transparent PNG images (1024 px height), which makes them perfect to use in all kinds of digital projects – from banners to presentations, and beyond.

This cat smoker clipart can express a range of emotions and hand gestures. He can be happy and excited, tired, or even angry holding a wood bat and ready to fight. He will point in directions, give thumbs up, and wave your audience Hello and Goodbye.

Among all poses, you will find this passionate cat smoker interacting with conceptual objects like a target board, a flag, a phone, a question mark, a crossroad sign, a puzzle, and a lot more to help you convey all kinds of marketing concepts.

You will see this smoking cat clipart enjoying a delicious meal, drinking beer, and even showing off a bag of money that he’s just stolen or fairly earned. Who knows?

This cat smoking a cigarette PNG collection includes presentational poses and poses on backgrounds, as well. Great to add your custom content and add a little bit of color to your designs.

Looking for a way to add some rebellious spirit and nonchalant attitude to your designs? This cat smoker clipart collection is the perfect solution!

Download this set as 112 ready-to-use transparent PNG images, each with different poses of the cat smoker expressing emotions and performing various activities, all in 1024px height.

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Grab 112 All-Purpose Cat Smoking Cigarette Clipart Action Poses