Cat Smoking Cigarette Vector Mascot Illustrations

This cat smokes like a chimney but just watch him perform in 112 awesome conceptual, emotional, and presentational vector-based poses!

Crafted in Adobe Illustrator CC, each pose is fully editable and scalable, allowing you to customize colors, shapes, and poses to your project requirements.

This vector cat smoking a cigarette comes in a range of emotions – from happiness and sadness to worry and anger. But that’s not all – we’ve included some fun and thematic poses to give your designs some personality. You’ll find this cool vector cat smoker posing with a wood bat in hand, enjoying a cold bottle of beer, and even holding a bag of cash.

And if you’re looking for more versatility, we’ve got you covered with all-purpose poses that showcase various concepts. You will find poses where this vector cat smoking cigarette will work on a laptop, hurry with travel bags, try to solve a puzzle, ask a question, send emails, and more.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. With the ability to add your own text, logo, or visuals within the poses, you can truly make this cat smoker clipart collection your own. Just use all the presentational poses where this vector cat smoking a cigarette holds empty paper and whiteboards.

In addition, we’ve included 12 different background shapes that you can easily apply to any pose with your vector-editing software.

Get ready to add some rebellious flair to your designs with this cat smoker clipart collection!

The download file includes all poses in AI, EPS, and PDF vector file formats, along with a symbol library to create even more poses.

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A Diversity of 112 Cat Smoking Cigarette Vector Action Poses for All Purposes

Cat smoking cigarette vector complete set