Crocodile Vector Mascot Illustrations

Make your designs truly epic with the help of a crocodile vector mascot who is a huge fan of classic rock and is ready to join your next big visual project? 112 thematic and all-purpose marketing concepts!

Crafted in Adobe Illustrator CC, completely editable and scalable without any quality loss, in vector editing software of your choice.

In this set, you will find plenty of emotions, hand gestures, and presentational poses. This funny crocodile can be happy, sad, surprised, and even mad. He will wave Hello and Goodbye, point in directions, make a funny face, and even give thumbs up for approval.

You will see plenty of marketing concepts presented in a super fun and entertaining way. For example, this funny crocodile will wear an inflatable flamingo swim ring, he will play his electric guitar, wear an umbrella in the rain, prepare to devour a tasty meal, and even swim in his favorite river!

Plus, you get dozens of universal concepts where this crocodile vector mascot holds everyday objects to help you convey popular marketing metaphors: a trophy, a flag, the Email symbol, a puzzle, cash, books, a pencil, clipboards, mobile devices, a light bulb, and more.

And if you want to present your custom content in a super appealing way, this vector crocodile will gladly help with a diversity of presentational poses – whiteboards, paper sheets, all suitable for this purpose.

This awesome crocodile vector mascot is ready to join your next big visual project with 112 cool and funny poses that will make it completely epic! All prepared in convenient AI, EPS, and PDF file formats.

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