Crocodile Cartoon Character

Crocodile Cartoon Character

Coming from the coasts of the Nile to bring a little bit of classic rock vibes into your next big visual project, meet Mr. Croc Rivers! Our crocodile cartoon character who looks a bit retired from preying but has managed to channel his energy toward more artistic fields.

Yes, this cartoon crocodile is a big fan of rock culture. He will wear his favorite leather vest to reveal his skull tattoo and he will occasionally play his awesome electric guitar. But most importantly, he is ready to appeal to your audience with 112 awesome conceptual poses!

• Emotions and hand gestures: This cartoon crocodile rocker is quite an emotional soul. You may not believe it but you will see this fella getting upset, confused, and even worried.

Although labeled as being aggressive, Mr. Croc Rivers is determined to prove quite the opposite. He will wave Hello and Goodbye in a friendly manner, he will make a funny face to uplift the mood, apologize when needed and even give thumbs up for encouragement.

• Conceptual poses: May we just say, this crocodile knows how to have fun! We already mentioned his obsession with rock music but did you see him posing with his favorite inflatable flamingo? If this doesn’t crack your audience up, we don’t know what will!

This funny cartoon crocodile will also make sure you are covered with strong marketing concepts to use on many occasions. He will hold an umbrella, a timer, a magnifier, a target board, a flag, a light bulb, a puzzle, and plenty more.

He will help you announce promotions, raise the attention and make your audience laugh in more than one situation. What more would you need from a cartoon character?

• Presentational poses: Oh, yes, we know! Have your custom content presented in a super appealing way. This funny crocodile cartoon character will hold empty whiteboards, empty papers and clipboards, even mobile devices with empty screens to make sure you have enough space for your custom information.

And the diversity of awesome backgrounds will definitely keep your audience thrilled and excited!

Ready to make a new epic design loaded with some old classic rock vibes coming from a super fun and unexpected personage? This awesome crocodile cartoon character is 100% ready to bring excitement with all his 112 unique and appealing poses.

Available for download as 112 Crocodile PNG images on transparent backgrounds or 112 editable Crocodile vector images.

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