Cute Baby Turtle Vector Mascot Illustrations

Get a super adorable vector mascot for your next big visual design and completely melt your audience’s hearts! This collection includes 112 cute baby turtle vector poses: activities, concepts, and emotions, all vector-drawn in a super appealing illustration style.

Made in Adobe Illustrator CC and completely editable and scalable without any quality loss, in graphic design software of your choice. Feel free to make any desired editing, such as adding/removing elements, changing colors, etc.

In this baby turtle vector collection, you will find all popular emotions and hand gestures. You will see this cute vector turtle being happy, sad, confused, and even making a funny face. Of course, he is a baby and he may get sleepy sometimes. You will also see this vector baby turtle waving hello and goodbye, pointing in directions, giving thumbs up and more.

In this baby turtle vector set, you will find dozens of useful premade concepts including objects from the business world and everyday life. For example, you will see this cute turtle holding sale bags, announcing promotions, talking on the phone, sending mail, and holding a lot of conceptual symbols and signs.

Plus, as a baby turtle with a diaper, this little fella will enjoy his bottle of milk, play with baby toys, and even celebrate his birthday with a cake!

To add your custom content within the poses, just use the diversity of empty signs, sheets of paper, whiteboards, and mobile devices with empty screens, all perfect to be filled with your custom content.

And the cherry on top, we’ve included a dozen eye-catching backgrounds that will help you make even more colorful and attractive designs.

This adorable baby turtle comes in 112 vector-based premade poses, ready to melt the hearts of your audience with his big appealing eyes and a funny diaper! All completely editable and available in the following file formats: AI, EPS and PDF.

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