Cute Baby Cartoon Turtle Character

Cute Baby Cartoon Turtle Character

In the mood for some hide-and-seek with this cute little fella here? Meet Shelly Shy! The absolutely cute baby cartoon turtle character who loves to play hide-and-seek because he has the perfect place to hide – his tough shell.

But Shelly is not only good at winning hide-and-seek games. He knows how to win your audience with just a glance. We mean, look at him! Adorable big eyes, a cute little diaper, and 112 awesome poses to get you covered for every situation.

• Emotions and hand gestures: This cute baby cartoon turtle character can switch his mood just like every baby would! One moment, you’ll see him being happy and excited. The other moment, he will be confused and ready to cry. You’ll see this cartoon baby turtle expressing all kinds of emotions.

Shelly will give thumbs and wink, wave hello and goodbye, point in directions. Moreover, he will yawn when tired and even make faces when in a playful mood.

• All-purpose concepts: Shelly may be a baby turtle but trust us, this cartoon character knows how to interact with all kinds of objects from the marketing and business world. You will see this cute cartoon turtle using mobile devices, holding shopping bags with goods on Sale, winning prizes, solving puzzles and more.

Just like any other baby, this cute baby cartoon turtle with a diaper will hold his favorite bottle of milk, play with baby toys, and even enjoy a birthday cake!

• Presentational poses: Shelly Shy will gladly present your custom content, too. In this set of poses, you will find plenty of opportunities to place your text, logo, and other custom content. Just use all empty whiteboards, sheets of paper, and mobile devices with empty screens to fill with your information.

This cute baby cartoon turtle character is the ultimate heart-melting turtle you’ll ever find! With his big appealing eyes and adorable little diaper across 112 concepts and emotions, Shelly Shy is ready to help you make a super successful design project!

Available for download as 112 Cute Baby Turtle PNG images on transparent backgrounds or 112 Cute Baby Turtle editable vector files.

Also available as a set of a dozen animated Baby Turtle GIFs and a baby turtle Character Animator puppet template, too.

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