Cute Moon Vector Mascot

An adorable moon vector mascot prepared as a set of 112 lovable poses, carefully selected to help you make your dream project a reality.

This cute moon vector mascot is crafted in Adobe Illustrator which means you can easily edit his looks in any graphic software. You can remove the cute little sleeping hat if you wish, change colors or make any other editing if needed.

Within the pack, you will find 112 great poses of emotions and concepts. To name a few, this cute moon can express the full variety of emotions. He can be happy, sad, excited, surprised and many more.

This adorable moon can use his hands to point in directions, give thumbs up, show the love sign, and make other hand gestures, as well.

We’ve made sure to depict this cute vector mascot with a diversity of conceptual objects, as well. You will see him hold a laptop, cash, a puzzle, speak at a loudspeaker and talk on the phone. Moreover, you will see him play with his favorite Earth balloon and enjoy an ice cream of planets, as well.

This lovable moon comes in many presentational poses, as well. He will hold mobile devices with black screens, blank papers and whiteboards, all perfect to place your specific content.

If you need a totally cute moon vector mascot to melt your audience’s hearts, then this fellow is an amazing choice to consider. All his 112 poses come as source AI files, and editable EPS and PDF vector files.

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