Funny Dragon Vector Mascot Illustrations

Reach for a mind-blowing success with the help of a (not so) fire-blowing funny dragon vector mascot, ready to fly into your next big design project with 112 amazing vector-based poses – concepts and emotions to help you convey every message you need.

All 112 poses are crafted in Adobe Illustrator CC. Fully editable and scalable without quality loss, in vector editing software of your choice. Feel free to make color changes or other editing as you wish.

In this collection of 112 funny dragon vector poses, you will find the full spectrum of emotions. This vector dragon will be happy, sad, surprised, even angry. He will wave and point in all directions, too!

But he is ready to bring some good Medieval vibes to your design, as well. You will see him holding Medieval objects like a sword and a shield, a treasure chest, a Medieval candle holder, a Medieval flag and more.

Among all conceptual objects, you will find plenty of marketing concepts illustrated in a fun, appealing way. To name a few, you will see a phone, a light bulb, cash, a magnifier, a timer, a question mark, and a lot more.

The diversity of presentational poses where this vector funny dragon holds empty papers, boards, and even mobile devices will help you implement your own content within the poses.

We’ve also included a dozen attractive backgrounds that you can use every time you want to grasp the attention fast and easily.

Bottom line, this super friendly and funny red dragon vector mascot will be the perfect addition to your next big design project, if you are looking to set a casual friendly tone, with a fun, entertaining vibe.

All 112 poses included in this set, come in convenient vector AI, EPS, and PDF file formats for you to edit as much as you need.

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