Funny Dragon Cartoon Character

Funny Dragon Cartoon Character

Meet Tummy Fireblow! Our funny dragon cartoon character doesn’t really kidnap princesses but will probably kidnap the attention of your audience and make them fully engage with your presentation or design, with 112 mind-blowing poses.

Although his parents might have had big dreams about him (naming him Fireblow and all), this funny dragon cartoon character has turned out to be too friendly and lovable to blow fire against anyone. The most he can do is release smoke out of his nose when he’s angry. Let’s see what else he can do:

• Emotions and hand gestures: This funny big cartoon dragon will be happy, worried, sad, excited, and express even more emotions. And while kidnapping isn’t his thing, you will surely see him taking a nap with a sleeping hat. He will point in directions and wave to your audience, too!

• All-purpose conceptual poses: Tummy left his duty to protect a Medieval castle long ago but he’s kept a few valuable items. You will see this funny cartoon dragon posing with a treasure chest full of gold, a sword and a shield, a Medieval candle holder, a Medieval flag, etc.

Plus, he will provide you with valuable marketing concepts. He will talk on his vintage phone, win a trophy, compare books to modern technology devices, hold cash, search with a magnifier, track the time, and a lot more.

• Presentational poses: This funny dragon cartoon character will hold for you empty papers, boards, and mobile devices with empty screens to make sure you have space for your custom content.

• Poses on backgrounds: Plus, to make you grasp the spirit, Tummy will pose in several settings with cool backgrounds. You will see this cartoon dragon by his castle, on the top of a hill, or really just posing in front of fun, colorful backgrounds.

If you need an eye-catching character that will surely make your next big design unforgettable, then Tummy Fireblow is ready to jump aboard and he promises to bring some awesome Medieval vibes. All 112 poses of this set are fully ready to turn your project into a hit!

Available for download as 112 Funny Dragon PNG images on transparent backgrounds or 112 Funny Dragon editable vector images.

Also available in 12 Funny Dragon animated GIF images, as well as a Funny Dragon puppet template for Adobe Character Animator.

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    112 Action Poses

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    112 Action Poses

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