Green Dinosaur Clipart PNG Transparent Images

Make all your eco and recycling presentations super exciting with the help of a lovable green dinosaur clipart, made in 112 hi-res transparent PNG images. Ready to use on all digital designs and presentations, without any editing.

Among the green dinosaur PNG images, you will find all popular emotions and hand gestures. This adorable green dinosaur can be happy when playing with butterflies, sad to see that he’s out of time, and even worried when he sees a meteorite! Moreover, he will wave, point left and right, and make even more gesticulations.

But you will see this nature activist dinosaur depicted in a huge diversity of conceptual poses! He never takes off his T-shirt with the recycle symbol. You will see him warning for danger, spreading love, talking on the phone, speaking through a megaphone, and holding all kinds of papers and signs.

This dinosaur clipart will look through a telescope, solve puzzles, stand at a crossroad sign, and even work with mobile devices.

Moreover, you will have the opportunity to enter your custom content within the poses. For this purpose, you can use all poses where this dinosaur holds empty stones and wooden boards, as well as mobile devices with empty screens.

Last but not least, you’ve got a dozen attractive poses on colorful backgrounds to use on any occasion where you want to jazz up your presentation.

If you have a project about nature and recycling on your schedule, then this cool and friendly dinosaur clipart is ready to help you create a super engaging design! With all his 112 PNG images included in this set, he’s got you covered with valuable concepts and fun appearance to present to your audience.

All 112 PNG images in this set are prepared on transparent backgrounds and a height of 1024px for each pose.

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A Diversity of 112 Green Dinosaur Clipart Action Poses for All Purposes

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